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Buy Me A Rose Francesca Hawley
Buy Me A Rose

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Naughty Phantasia

Naughty Phantasia

Eighteen Fabulous Fantasies
Contains 18 Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Steampunk Stories from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati 

Naughty Phantasia in Ebook
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Naughty Phantasia in Print
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My Cups Runneth Over ~ Francesca Hawley
Five years ago, Brook’s tarot reading and dream premonition predicted his lover’s death so he left to protect her. On the morning of his cousin’s wedding, Delia and Brook meet again. Will their reunion bring love or danger?


Where or When ~ Francesca Hawley
Bardic witch and famous singer Frank Jasper has been Sharon Beryl’s dream lover for years. When she wins a date with him, she is thrilled. Can their mutual desire become reality, or will it remain forever a dream?






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