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Yes, we were having fun even though everyone looks serious. Photo credits to author, Maggie Rivers. Thanks Maggie! I'd signed books before but never at a "signing" kind of thing. 
It was great to share the experience with friends from the Iowa Romance Novelists RWA chapter to which I belong. 


Francesca is available to speak a libraries and local groups on various topics related to writing and publishing.

Burned! A Cautionary Tale for Authors about Publishing Contracts

I'm not an agent or a lawyer, but as a published author I've run into a few contracts. In this presentation, I share some tips to help you identify dangerous clauses to discuss with your agent or lawyer during contract negotiations. Be informed and be prepared. This is your life and your business. Protect yourself.

Internet Research for Writers

In addition to being a published author, Francesca Hawley is a librarian. In this presentation, she discusses authority, search techniques, and using the information that you find in your next novel.

Smokin' Hot Love Scenes

What are they and how do I write them? Love scenes have changed with the times and what used to be erotic is now mainstream - so how do you write a sexy love scene that fits your taste and comfort level? Do I have to use explicit language? Francesca Hawley will answer your questions and explain what you need to know to write sexy.


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